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How Many Types of HOROW One Piece are There?

How Many Types of HOROW One Piece are There?

Anyone who knows HOROW toilets knows that the cost-effectiveness of HOROW one piece toilets is very high compared to other brands. As the HOROW brand gradually becomes popular, old users repurchase frequently and the number of new users gradually increases, so that the type of HOROW one piece is not understood by everyone. Through this article, we will clearly understand the advantages and disadvantages of HOROW one piece toilets in order to provide the correct guidance for purchasing one piece toilets.


The Most Highly Rated HOROW One Piece Toilet

HOROW T0338W elongated one piece toilet is referred to as HOROW T0338W. It is a comfort toilet with an ADA toilet height of 17.3 inches, and the design of the elongated bowl further provides more space and comfort. The 1.28GPF ultra-quiet dual flush and 1000g MAP meet American standards for water conservation and flushing cleanliness.


horow t0338w one piece toilet

HOROW HWMT-8733-10 small toilet is also called HOROW hwmt 8733. It is a small toilet with 10 inch rough in, especially suitable for modern apartments or small bathrooms. The toilet has only been modified in shape and size, with the standard round bowl still providing excellent comfort. The 1.28GPF siphon dual flush also provides water saving for different usage environments. The slow-closing PP seat reduces the noise when closing the lid.


horow hwmt 8733 small toilet

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