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How To Select the Best Bidet Toilet Combo?

How To Select the Best Bidet Toilet Combo?

Selecting the best bidet toilet combination is not as difficult as we think. Everyone’s hygiene needs, toilet intelligence and optimal budget are different. However, as each brand has different influence on the Internet, there are many selective factors that interfere with us. However, our ultimate goal is to select a smart toilet with brand power and affordable price to decorate the bathroom. Secondly, the aesthetics, practicality and price of the toilet are the final factors that affect adding to the shopping cart.


Select the best bidet toilet combination in 5 steps


As we all know, the bidet toilet combination is also called a smart toilet. The comfortable smart toilet not only allows us to enjoy a moment of tranquility in a bathroom of several square meters, but also saves water and toilet paper. Therefore, the comfort, flushing function, cleaning and deodorizing functions, and remote control automation of smart toilets have become the top priority in the selection.

1. Design to improve the comfort of the toilet: The elongated and instant-heat seat (with 4 temperature levels adjustable) not only provides good support for the sitting posture and legs, but also eliminates the need to worry about the discomfort of low temperatures.

2. Smart toilet specially developed for the US market: The 12-inch pit distance meets the regulations of most states, and the compact design also provides the best solution for engineering projects, apartments or bathrooms.

3. Hands-free design: automatic opening and closing of the lid, non-contact remote control of water temperature and pressure, heated seat and drying functions to ensure the hygiene of private areas to meet the needs of different groups of people.

4. Function settings for different groups of people: For different groups of people, alternate washing, front and back washing, women's washing, pulsating washing and vibration washing modes are available.

5. Humanized functions: Intelligent night light and automatic deodorization function not only reduce blind spots at night, but also improve the convenience of use.

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