Kitchen Farmhouse Sinks

HOROW kitchen farmhouse sinks mainly cover 30-36 inches single bowl or double bowl sinks. The one-piece molding is mainly made of refractory clay ceramics, and the multi-layer glaze spraying process on the surface improves the durability and aesthetics of the sink.


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Kitchen Farmhouse Sink Description

HOROW kitchen farmhouse sinks are perfect for busy kitchens and households that value both style and functionality.

The Material of the Kitchen Farmhouse Sink

  1. Fireclay farmhouse sinks are known for their exceptional durability and resistance to scratches and stains.
  2. Ceramic farmhouse sinks offer a more affordable option with similar aesthetics.

The Configuration Of Kitchen Farmhouse Sink

  1. Single-bowl farmhouse sinks provide simplicity and spaciousness.
  2. Double-bowl farmhouse sinks offer versatility and organization options for various kitchen tasks.