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Which Elongated One Piece Toilet is the First Choice?

Which Elongated One Piece Toilet is the First Choice?

As one piece toilet technology continues to innovate, elongated one piece toilets have become the first choice for most Americans. The elongated bowl not only provides more space and comfort, but it doesn’t take up a lot of space. The white refractory clay ceramic craftsmanship looks "simple" but not "simple", and the self cleaning glaze function keeps the bowl clean for a long time. The ADA height of urinal reaches 17.3 inches, always paying attention to the comfort of the toilet. From my point of view, the elongated one piece toilet is no longer an adjective for the toilet, but more like a general term for a certain model of toilet.

Preferred Prerequisites for Elongated One Piece Toilet

As mentioned just now, the elongated one piece toilet is also called HOROW T0338W. Its appearance solves the pain points of toilet comfort and cleanliness, and the raised toilet seat meets the needs of most states in the United States. The siphon double flush and 1.28GPF water-saving functions further meet the needs of the American market.

HOROW T0338W elongated one piece toilet

1. The white ceramic appearance design reflects a modern, simple but not simple style.

2. Floor mount installation, the 12 inch pit distance complies with the standards for toilet installation in most states in the United States.

3. Siphon double flush water with 1.28GPF saves water, and MAP 1000g passed the MISO test.

4. Urinal ADA height 17.3 inches, soft closing PP seat.

5. The neat and uniform pipeline layout inside the toilet makes subsequent maintenance easier.

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