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Built-in Water Tank Pump&Fearless Low Water Pressure


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10-Inch Rough-in Smart Toilet Newly Released


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What Our Customers Saying

Pasha Barcelona

Love my toilet!

After looking through countless brands and reading so many reviews I decided to get this one and love it so much that when we went on vacation I missed my cats and my toilet...true story.


This thing is Incredible!

This thing is a life changer, where has this thing been all my life?! This toilet has all the bells and whistles found in a $9k Toto bidet toilet for a fraction of the price.


Now THIS is a toilet!

If you're looking for a smart toilet in this price range, it's a solid buy, go for it! It almost covers the things that I wanted: Auto seat raise+close, auto flush, heated seat, and bidet/dry functions.


Most awesome toilet in the world!

I love this toilet, it's best toilet I have ever used. I love the automatic seat opening, and the no touch flush. The most important feature is the Bidet, where you can control the water temperature, how awesome!

Stacy Haldi

Highly recommend

My family loves it, particularly the warm water washing and drying functions. Everyone who's come to the house has remarked on it & asked where we got it.

Gus Wiltsee

This is luxury

I love, love, love this luxury. Can you live without it? Haven't we all? But after getting one you'll swear you'll always have this toilet in your bath. I appreciate always being clean.


Great Smart Toilet

The only downside is that since using the HOROW smart toilet, everyone spends a little longer in the toilet.

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Crafting Comfortable Spaces for Life.

HOROW's role revolves around providing a full range of one-stop bath and kitchen products, all aimed at helping you create a modern, enjoybale bathroom space. The ultimate goal is to offer an unparalleled, comfortable experience that welcomes you into a completely new realm of comfort and convenience.