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Toilet Shapes: Tips for Selecting the Right One for Your Needs

Toilet Shapes: Tips for Selecting the Right One for Your Needs

What counts most when installing a new toilet? Most likely, you haven't given different toilet shapes any thought yet. It's something that many people forget about. The correct shape has a significant impact. But how do you make a decision? This guide will assist you.



Common Toilet Shapes

There are a few distinct toilet shapes available. We'll concentrate on the common ones in this article, though. Let's examine them now.

  1. Elongated toilets: This one is longer than the typical design. The distance between the mounting holes and the tip of the seat is typically about 18 inches.
  2. Round toilets:A classic option that can be seen in many homes. The bowl usually measures 16.5 inches.
  3. Square / Rectangular toilets: The square shape is a bit newer on the market, but a great addition to a modern interior. Some have rounded corners, but still holds a square or rectangular shape.


Comparing Three Types of Toilet Shapes

Now that you know more about the three common toilet shapes, let’s compare them to each other. That’s going to help us get down to the specifics.


Elongated toilets

Round toilets

Square / Rectangular toilets

Bowl lengths

Usually 18.5 inches in length. It can differ between different designs. Some manufacturers use their own lengths.

Measures 16.5 inches in length, mostly. Some manufacturers may have designed with other measurements.

The bowl on a square or rectangular toilet will usually measure up to 16 inches. Some are smaller, measuring about 14 inches.  

Space requirement

This type of toilet needs more space in the bathroom. It’s because of the elongated structure of the seat.

The round shape makes it a great toilet for small bathrooms.

Square toilets are specialized and can also help to save space in the bathroom, especially when you fit them in a corner.

Seat comfort

Great for smart seats, which can add comfort. However, not an ideal choice for kids.

It may be less comfortable for adults, but it is a better choice if there are kids in the house.

Some people find that square seats aren’t very comfortable. It does come down to the design and personal preferences, though.

Design compatibility

Compatible with different bathroom layouts. It can easily be used with “smart” add-ons.

An ideal choice when space is limited in the bathroom.

Also, a space saver while also adding modern aesthetics to the interior of the room.


Toilet Shapes for Specific Needs

If you’re not sure which toilet shape is right for your home, then consider your specific requirements. There are several cases where your needs can help you pick the right shape.


  1. Families With Children

Try to avoid an elongated toilet if you’ve got children. That’s because they’re user-friendly for kids, due to the lengthy structure of the seat. Instead, a round toilet is a good choice in this situation.


  1. Singles or Couples

Square and elongated toilets are great for single people and couples. They’re comfortable and come in different kinds of designs.


  1. Elderly People

It’s a good idea to opt for a toilet with an elongated design when it comes to the elderly. It gives them a larger space on top of the toilet and adds to the comfort.


HOROW Toilet for Different Needs

Buying a toilet is about more than just toilet shapes. You have to consider the brand, too. HOROW is known to offer quality designs and uses the best materials, so let’s see which of the brand’s toilets are a good fit for you.


  1. T0338W

This toilet meets the U.S. standard ADA height of 17.3 inches, ensuring accessibility for all users. It also comes with a 7/8 water pipe adapter at no additional cost, making installation convenient. Moreover, it features a 1000g MAP and 1.28 GPF dual flush system that effectively removes waste while conserving water, ultimately keeping the bathroom smelling fresh and clean.



2. T0413W

It is a fantastic option if you're more drawn to square shapes. There are two flush alternatives available: 0.8 GPF and 1.28 GPF. The comprehensive package for toilet installation comes with all the essential components, including a soft-closing toilet seat, pre-installed water fittings, a wax ring, floor bolts, and detailed installation instructions. This ensures a smooth and quiet setup process, even in narrow spaces.



3. T37  

It is the best smart toilet available if you're looking for one. For a small bathroom, its 10-inch design is perfect. The toilet incorporates features that enhance comfort, hygiene, and convenience for users. These include an electronic bidet functionality, heated seats for added warmth, automatic flushing for ease of use, and a built-in deodorizer to keep the bathroom smelling fresh. This comprehensive set of features ensures a superior toilet experience.




Toilets come in different shapes and sizes. Not all of them are the same. You can find the perfect toilet shapes from HOROW's extensive collection of high-quality products, regardless of whether you're alone, with children, or both.  

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