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Toilet Prices Revealed: Discover How Much Does a Toilet Cost

Toilet Prices Revealed: Discover How Much Does a Toilet Cost

You use a toilet every day. It makes sense to have the best toilet at home. However, prices can vary a lot for these necessities. Some toilets are cheaper than others. Then there are those with advanced tech. It's important to figure out how much does a toilet cost before you make the decision.



Factors Influencing Toilet Prices

How much does a toilet cost? The cost of toilets varies a lot. You have to consider what affects the price. Here are four factors to consider:

  • Brand:Some brands focus on creating cost-effective and affordable toilets. Other companies may rather choose to offer creative and luxurious designs. This is why the brand can have a big impact on the price.
  • Type: You should consider what type of toilet it is. One-piece, wall-hung toilets are generally more expensive than other types.
  • Features:Advanced toilets, such as smart toilets, increase the price of the toilet. They can give you more comfort and value.
  • Materials:Some materials cost more than others. Thus, the toilet's material will also affect the price.


Costs for Different Types of Toilets

Toilets differ in design, structure, and function. Their prices tend to differ. It’s a good idea to consider which one you prefer based on their pricing.

  • One-Piece Toilet:A single structure. The bowl and tank are directly connected. The price is sometimes under $500, depending on what features you want.
  • Two-Piece Toilet:This type is considered traditional. There are two separate systems in the toilet. They tend to cost about $200 and upward.
  • Wall Hung Toilet: This one attaches to your wall. You can find cheap options for about $150. The prices can sometimes go over $2,000. It’s not one of the best affordable toilets. But it’s still convenient and saves space.
  • Smart Toilet: These toilets are on the pricier side. Remember that they offer advanced features. Smart toilet costs are$400 or more.



Additional Costs to Consider

You want to know how much does a toilet cost. There are more things to consider than the main expense. This gives you a realistic view of the actual cost you need to cover.

  • Installation Fee:You’ll have to get a plumber out to your house. This may also include extra fees if the existing toilet should be removed first. Each plumber has a pricing structure. That’s going to help you find the most affordable option. The average cost of installing a toilet is between $400 and $ [1]
  • Accessories:If there are any extra add-ons you want to use, it's going to cost extra. Take this into consideration. For example, adding a bidet will add to the costs of the toilet. It can also affect the installation costs.
  • Maintenance Costs:Account for repairs that you may need. You want the toilet to last as long as possible, after all. The average cost to fix a toilet is between $130 to $300.[2]


Get the Best Affordable Toilet From HOROW

Picking a toilet is about more than the design. You have to consider the brand. There’s a huge selection of toilets that HOROW offers. Let’s take a look at one particularly popular one. The T20Y Smart Bidet Toilet.



Smart toilets are all the rage lately. The T20Y HOROW toilet is an excellent example. It comes with remote control functions. You can easily adjust various settings of the toilet. This includes the water temperature for the bidet. It offers value for money with its long list of features. There’s a heated seat. It’s also a tankless toilet. This means it saves water over time. The smart flush system uses a dual flushing tech. This ensures the toilet chooses the right setting when you flush the toilet. A remote control comes with this model. It’s easy to use and has many settings. Use it to make changes to the toilet.




HOROW is a top supplier and manufacturer of bathroom ware. The company also offers a variety of kitchen wares. There’s a large focus on style and aesthetics. The brand also uses the best quality materials. This produces great products that last. HOROW toilets come in many different styles and designs. This includes smart toilets with advanced tech. The T20Y is a great choice. There are several others that you can choose from, too.


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