HOROW Bidet Toilet Seat With Dryer Heated Toilet Seat bidet Model B0401

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HOROW B0401 toilet seat is a heated bidet toilet seat. It can match about 90% of toilets in the United States. It mainly provides ordinary toilets with extended seats with lids and bidet functions, adjustable water temperature and water pressure, stainless steel rods with ultraviolet self-disinfection function, and LED lighting.

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B0401 Bidet Toilet Seat for HOROW Bidet Toilet

The heated bidet toilet seat can be adapted to most bathroom toilets? HOROW B0401 provides female, turbo cleaning mode and massage mode. Adjustable water temperature and pressure, and self-cleaning nozzles can choose vibration or spray modes to meet the needs of different people. The hot air drying function with adjustable wind speed and temperature makes our buttocks feel more comfortable! 3.43 inches high X 14.72 inches wide X 20 inches deep to fit most toilets.