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When to Replace Toilets: Signs You Shouldn't Ignore

When to Replace Toilets: Signs You Shouldn't Ignore

Having a well-functioning toilet is vital, as it is closely related to hygiene and, thereafter, the overall quality of life. Therefore, it is important to know when to replace toilets to keep a clean bathroom. Otherwise, there might be annoying conditions, like unpleasant odors and water leakage. So, what are the signs you should not ignore? Let's figure them out step by step in the blog!



Why Replacing Your Toilet is Important?

To begin with, you should know the importance of replacing your older toilet. Some of the reasons are:

  • Improved water efficiency: Toilets account for nearly 30% of indoor water use.[1]Older toilets can use more water for flushing. Meanwhile, newer toilets are designed to do the job more efficiently. This way, you are preserving much-needed resources.
  • Less maintenance: Older toilets can be prone to problems due to long-term wear and tear. When repairs and maintenance are too frequent, maybe investing in a newer, more modern toilet can save you effort and money.
  • Enhanced comfort: When doing the job, everyone expects to do it comfortably. Say yes to a newer toilet model. You can enjoy a more comfortable experience given by elongated bowls, better seat designs, and even heated seats.
  • Healthier environment: Looking for a more hygienic bathroom environment? Replacing your older toilets enables you to choose one that offers improved sanitation features, such as self-cleaning surfaces.

Even with all the significance, it is totally understandable that you would like to take full advantage of your older toilets. Then, how long do toilets last? Check it out in the following section! 


How Long do Toilets Last? Average Lifespan and Impact Factors

  1. How Long does an Average Toilet Last?

Typically, toilets can last ten to twenty years. It's the time frame for optimal performance.  If well-maintained, they may last as long as 50 years.

  1. Factors that Affect a Toilet's Lifespan

The toilet's durability is reduced due to:

  • Frequency of use: Increased toilet use speeds up wear and tear of the seat, flush mechanism, and other components.
  • Quality of materials and installation: Toilets with low-quality materials are susceptible to cracking, staining, and degradation. Inadequate installation can cause leakage as time goes on. It damages your bathroom, too.
  • Lack of maintenance: Proper maintenance protects the toilet from damage. Lack of maintenance does the opposite. The toilet becomes home to bacteria. It also suffers from damage and plumbing problems.


6 Signs Indicate When to Replace Toilets

These signs will tell you when to replace toilets:

  • Frequent clogs: This indicates an underlying problem with the toilet's design or condition. Older toilets are more vulnerable to clogs. Frequent clogging may imply the flushing mechanism isn't powerful enough for efficient waste removal.
  • Cracks in the bowl or tank: Even small cracks can lead to damage and leakage with time. They compromise the structural integrity of the toilet. The appearance of cracks is a clear indicator of when to replace toilets.
  • Persistent leaks around the base or tank: They may result from cracks, poor installation, or worn-out seals. If you're not sure when to replace toilets, consider whether you're dealing with constant leaking.
  • Ineffective flushing: This occurs due to worn-out internal components and an outdated design. Mineral buildup in the rim holes or siphon jet also causes ineffective flushing.
  • Water wastage: Outdated toilets use more water per flush. This is not supportive of environmental conservation efforts. And your wallet suffers, too. When your toilet starts wasting water, it's time to replace it.
  • Persistent odors: This results from problems with the toilet seal or plumbing. Persistent odor involves the buildup of bacteria, too. It's unsanitary and unappealing. A strong, long-term odor indicates when to replace toilets.


HOROW Smart Toilets Recommendation

Now, you know when to replace toilets, but with what? HOROW offers multiple good toilet options for you to consider. The following are two of the best smart toilets you can find in HOROW:

  1. T05


The model TO5 is a one-piece toilet with integrated bidet functionality. It comes with an instant heating seat and 4 levels of adjustable drying and water temperature. The lid can open and close automatically. Some of the best features of T05 toilet include:

  • Effortless installation
  • Elegant design
  • Integrated personal cleansing
  • Decreased wasteful toilet paper use
  • 4 flushing options (auto, manual, remote, and foot touch)
  • Odor-free experience with an automatic deodorizer
  • Night light
  1. T37


The toilet T37 is a sophisticated 10-inch rough-in smart bidet toilet. It is specifically created for bathrooms where the distance between the drainpipe and wall is 10 inches. This compact elongated toilet comes with smart features such as:

  • Electronic bidet functionality
  • Heated seats
  • Automatic flushing
  • Built-in deodorizer
  • Intelligent digital display
  • Multiple cleaning functions

Additionally, the toilet features an SIAA antimicrobial-certified seat and an advanced sensor system. The off-seat flushing ensures hands-free operation and a worry-free experience!



HOROW is a brand that aims to build a more convenient and healthy living space. We offer kitchen and bathroom solutions, including the best smart toilets, to improve our clients' life quality. Feel no hesitation in visiting HOROW if you think this is the time when to replace toilets in your bathroom. We have more latest top smart toilets for you to choose from!


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[1] EPA/2024, "Residential Toilets". Available at: (Accessed on June 26, 2024)

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