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What’s The Ideal Toilet for a Small Bathroom in 2024?

What’s The Ideal Toilet for a Small Bathroom in 2024?

Some people find it tricky to equip small bathrooms. They often face issues such as limited space for a toilet, awkward placement, and difficulty accessing other fixtures.

Choosing the right toilet for a small bathroom is crucial because it not only enhances the overall décor but also improves the bathroom's functionality and boosts property value. However, selecting the best one piece toilet for a small bathroom is easier than you might think. Find out how below.



Which Toilet Size Fits a Small Bathroom?

Modern small toilets come in both round and elongated designs, offering more versatility and comfort compared to older models. The key is to choose a toilet with a smaller footprint that fits well within the limited space, ensuring easy movement and access to other bathroom fixtures.

Top Toilet Options for Small Bathrooms

When outfitting a small bathroom, consider these four types of toilets:

  • Wall-hung toilets: Also known as floating toilets because they are mounted on the wall. The tank is concealed in the wall. Wall-hanging toiletmaximizes space. The bathroom looks more modern.
  • Compact elongated toilets: Thesecombine the comfort of the elongated bowl with a smaller space-saving footprint. These toilets fit into tight spaces perfectly.
  • One-piece compact toilets: They have a seamless design. The tank and the bowl fit into one unit. It is the best toilet for a small bathroom. You can clean it easily. Plus, it doesn't need too much space.
  • Smart toilets: Theseoffer advanced features, a compact look, and a luxurious feel. Elongated smart toilet offers functionality and space-saving design.


How to Maximize Space of a Small Bathroom

Even the smallest bathrooms can feel more spacious with the right strategies. Choosing a compact toilet is just one part of the solution. These tips can help you:

  • Use of mirrors and lighting: Strategic placement of mirrors canreflect light and make the bathroom appear larger. Well-placed lighting eliminates shadows and creates a more open feel, further enhancing the sense of space.
  • Color choices: Opt for light and neutral colors. They make the bathroom seem larger. Bright colors reflect light better than darker shades. That’s why they enhance the sense of space.
  • Space-saving accessories and fixtures: Choose wall-mounted sinks, floating vanities, and compact toilets for small bathrooms. These fixtures and accessories free up floor space. It becomes easier to stay organized.


The Best Toilet for Small Bathrooms

Are you looking for a toilet for a small bathroom? HOROW has got you covered. Here are the best toilets to choose.

1. HOROW T05 Toilet

Toilet T05 is a one piece toilet with bidet. The elongated toilet provides comfort and practicality. This smart toilet automatically opens and closes the lid. No more arguments about the lid in your household!

This model has a heating effect. But it doesn’t produce foul odor thanks to the deodorizer. It comes with a multi-function remote control. The remote control allows you to switch between four flushing modes. It also controls four levels of water temperature.

The best features of T05 are:

  • Minimalist style
  • Integrated personal cleansing
  • Easy installation of the toilet for small bathroom
  • Smart bidet function
  • Intelligent night light
  • Reduces wasteful toilet paper use.


2. HOROW T16 Toilet

The model T16 is also an ideal toilet for a small bathroom. This is a combination of a bidet toilet and a tankless toilet. The toilet comes with instant hot water technology. The four-level adjustable seat profile offers a personalized touch. The toilet can turn cold water into warn instantly. Additionally, its dual flush system helps conserve water: a small flush (1 gallon per flush) can be performed by foot induction, while a full flush (1.27 gallons per flush) is activated by pressing the knob.

The elegant look goes hand in hand with a compact design. The most notable features of T16 are:

  • Conserves energy when this toilet for a small bathroom is not in use
  • Dual flush system
  • More effective waste removal with a pre-wet feature
  • Easy to install.



HOROW is a brand that prioritizes continuous development and evolution. The brand focuses on solving common issues. One of those issues is the small bathroom. A compact toilet for small bathrooms is the solution in these cases. HOROW offers compact toilets with ergonomic design. The brand's toilets are modern, high-quality, and multifunctional.

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