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Decision Guide: One-Piece vs Two-Piece Toilet for Your Bathroom

Decision Guide: One-Piece vs Two-Piece Toilet for Your Bathroom

Shopping for toilets has changed. You might feel a bit confused if you head over to a bathroom store. There are so many models that we can pick from in the modern day. You still get your standard ones. Smart toilets are becoming a thing. Some even have heated seats. There are two main categories of toilets: one-piece vs two-piece toilets. This guide delves into these two types of toilets and helps you make the decision.




What is a One-Piece Toilet?

This toilet has a solid, single structure. The bowl and tank are part of one structure. They cannot be separated. These toilets come in different designs. This includes an elongated one-piece toilet, which is quite popular. The extra length of the toilet gives you more space to sit on. By using this construction, the toilet helps you optimize space. The question is: are one-piece toilets better? They are more hygienic. It’s easier to keep them clean. There’s no open space between the bowl and the tank. That means less chances of bacteria also.


What is a Two-Piece Toilet?

Think of a two-piece toilet as the more traditional model. Most homes still use these toilets. It’s a structure where the bowl and tank are separate. These two structures connect to each other. In this type of toilet, the bowl and tank are separate units that are bolted together. It is easy to install and maintain, as each unit can be replaced independently if necessary. Overall, a two-piece toilet is a reliable and practical option for any bathroom.


One Piece Vs. Two Piece Toilet: Comparison

Now, let’s look at the differences between one piece vs two piece toilet.


One-Piece Toilet

Two-Piece Toilet

Design and aesthetics

Compact design with modern aesthetics.

Sometimes bulkier than one piece toilet. Traditional appearance.


Easy to keep clean and maintain.

Hard to keep clean in the area where the tank and bowl connect.


Various models are available, but they tend to be pricier than two-piece toilets ($200–$500)

Cost varies, but usually on the affordable side. (200$+)

Functionality and efficiency

Highly efficient, saves space, and often comes with smart features.

Gets the job done but takes more effort to maintain.


HOROW Toilet

When you decide to choose one piece vs two piece toilet, don’t miss HOROW. HOROW offers a wide range of toilets. This makes it easy to find a toilet that fits your bathroom. Let’s look at popular options from the brand. We’ll consider both types of toilets that we’ve discussed.


1. One-Piece Toilet: T05

The T05 is great if you’re a fan of smart tech. It’s pricier than some other options. However, you get a toilet that’s comfortable and easy to maintain. The toilet has a compact design. The bowl and tank form a single structure. This means it’s a space-saving option. At the same time, you get an elongated seat. That’s going to give you a more comfortable and spacious area to sit on.


A bidet inside the toilet adds to its hygiene. It’s easy to adjust the strength of the bidet’s force. You can also change the temperature of the water that the bidet uses. After pushing out water, the toilet also features a drying function. You have control over how warm the air is. The seat on the HOROW T05 is heated. The device uses instant heating technology. This ensures it has already reached a comfortable temperature once you sit down.




2. Two-Piece Toilet: HWTT-E01D

If you’re one for more traditional designs, then the HOROW HWTT-E01D is a good choice. It’s also an elongated toilet. This gives it a spacious top side. The model comes with a bowl and a tank. The two easily attach. There’s a dual flush function on the toilet. This helps you save water. You have control over how much water the toilet should use when you press the flush button. The 360-degree jet siphon flushing tech helps to offer better coverage in the toilet bowl. This is great for preventing clogging in your toilet.





When it comes to toilets, HOROW is the expert brand. Their products fit into any kind of budget. The large selection of toilets, including one-piece and two-piece toilets, helps you find an option that fits your needs. HOROW doesn’t make just toilets. We also manufacture faucets, sinks, and many other wares. There’s a one-year limited warranty that comes with every purchase. You also get a free 30-day return option and free shipping to US addresses.

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