10 inch rough in toilet

Is HOROW HWMT 8733 a small toilet?

Is HOROW HWMT 8733 a small toilet?

Anyone who has purchased horow hwmt 8733 knows that it is a 10 inch rough in toilet. For new users or intended users, small toilets only shorten the size, and the comfort that comes with it is also greatly reduced. However, the truth of the matter is that HOROW toilet company developed this one piece toilet to reduce the space occupied in the bathroom. The standard round bowl and 16.5 inch seat provide the best sitting posture. Therefore, the real experience of a product is our correct guidance. Personal subjective guesses can only miss the best purchase opportunity. In addition, FBA's fast delivery reduces the waiting period, and no-reason returns and exchanges also provide the best guarantee. The advantages and disadvantages of the horow hwmt 8733 small toilet are broken down so that most people can understand this toilet.



horow hwmt 8733 small toilet


HOROW HWMT 8733 Pros and Cons

1. HOROW HWMT 8733 is designed based on compact appearance, with depth, width and height dimensions of 25*13.4*28.4 inches respectively.

2. The 1.28GPF siphon double flush not only saves water, but also flushes cleaner.

3. Standard round bowl and 16.5-inch height seat provide optimal comfort.

4. The slow-closing PP seat reduces the noise when closing the toilet seat.

5. There are two large installation channels on the side to simplify the difficulty of toilet installation.

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