10 inch rough in toilet

Does HOROW T0338W is One Piece Toilet?

Does HOROW T0338W is One Piece Toilet?

As the market share of one piece toilets continues to increase, the search popularity of HOROW T0338W has also increased, along with toilet problems. For old users, we have always recognized the price and quality control of HOROW T0338W. Free shipping and fast delivery throughout the United States and a complete after-sales system allow us to see the corporate culture that a large company should have. For new users, the cultural spread of the Internet affects our decisions. Thousands of Google search results let us know about different toilet prices and functions. The trust of the toilet brand has not been perceived. Therefore, I think it is very necessary to understand HOROW T0338W.

Revealing the truth about HOROW T0338W

HOROW T0338W 12 inch rought in toilet

Strictly speaking, HOROW T0338W is a toilet model among HOROW one piece toilets. Its full name is HOROW T0338W one piece toilet. The reason why it can stand out among many one piece toilets is its stylish appearance design, standard 12 rough in and ADA toilet height are 17.3 inches, these advantages can bring us a durable and comfortable experience.

HOROW T0338W 10 inch rough in toilet

  • Length, width and height are 26.60 x 15.00 x 26.00 inches respectively, 10 inch rough in and 12 inch rough in are available.
  • One piece compression molding process will not crack over time.
  • The white refractory clay ceramic process with multi-layer spray glaze not only enhances the overall beauty of the bathroom, but also leaves no dirt behind.
  • elongated bowl and 17.3-inch seat height provide more leg room for comfort.
  • 1.28GPF dual flush and 1000g MAP offer the promise of efficient water saving and thorough flushing.
  • Soft-closing toilet seat and skirted drain channel reduce noise during use and the risk of clogging.
  • In my opinion, HOROW T0338W is not just a one piece toilet, it is more like a work of art. It seems to be saying: "My beauty is not just about appearance, but all-round functions to improve the quality of life".

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