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Is the HOROW bidet toilet worth buying?

Is the HOROW bidet toilet worth buying?

As HOROW toilets are recognized by more and more people, the sales of HOROW bidet toilets have also increased. In addition to the brand factor, one of the reasons why a bidet toilet is worth buying is its environmental friendliness and cleanliness. The comfortable heated seat and warm drying relieve the fatigue of the day, and the warm LED lighting and automatic deodorization make us feel better. Among them, HOROW T05 and HOROW G10 are not only the two most popular bidet toilets in 2023, but also the bidet toilets often recommended by plumbers at the top of the list. What is clear is that their beauty and reliability are unquestionable, and it is most important to choose the right bidet toilet based on our own needs.

The best bidet toilet models to buy

HOROW T05 bidet toilet is the best bidet toilet combo. It uses the latest AIR-IN WONDER WAVE and instant heating technology, which not only provides a more water-saving cleaning solution, but also continuously provides warm water. The built-in 0.05% FS sensor can automatically open or close the toilet seat according to the weight change on the seat. The high-efficiency flushing of 1.03GPF and ceramic multi-layer glaze spray technology ensure that the toilet is flushed more thoroughly. The heated extended seat and multi-level adjustable drying temperature are not only environmentally friendly, but also more hygienic.

air in wonder wave HOROW

HOROW G10 bidet toilet is a wall mounted bidet toilet. It adopts the latest minimalist appearance and hidden water tank design, which not only creates a sense of luxury in the bathroom, but also provides optimal comfort. One-piece ceramic injection molding and soft-closing seat reduce the frequency of cleaning. The dimensions of 22.9 inches x 14.4 inches x 14 inches provide an optimal solution for bathrooms less than 3 square meters. 1.28GPF and dual flush provide better cleaning results. The multi-level adjustable water temperature, water pressure and drying temperature mode, and the user-friendly design of the nozzle's forward and backward movement improve the user experience.

G10 wall mounted bidet toilet

No matter what type of bidet toilet it is, its essence is evolved from the smart toilet. However, modern bidet toilets are becoming more and more intelligent, and purchasing a bidet toilet has become a current trend.

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