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What types of smart toilets do plumbers recommend?

What types of smart toilets do plumbers recommend?

A reliable smart toilet is often recommended by plumbers, among which the HOROW smart toilet is not only recognized by plumbers, but also trusted by users around the world. HOROW Toilet Company's smart toilet types are developed based on apartments and narrow bathrooms, with the aim of providing the most beautiful and comfortable smart toilet in a limited space. Therefore, the functions provided by different types of smart toilets are aimed at different target groups. There is no so-called good or bad, only different personal needs.

Recommend the most cost effective bidet toilet combination with elongated heated seat

The T05 bidet toilet combination in the HOROW smart toilet series is among the top three in sales every month. It has been recognized by plumbers in terms of appearance, intelligence, cost performance and stability. Compared with the integrated toilet, its intelligence not only frees our hands, but also relieves the fatigue of the day's work to a certain extent.

T05 bidet toilet combo

  • An all-in-one smart toilet that integrates automatic washing, drying and cleaning, and a toilet lid with automatic sensor switch.
  • The elongated heated seat provides a more comfortable experience for the buttocks.
  • 6 bidet modes and 4 flush modes provide different usage needs for different groups of people.
  • 4 levels of adjustable water temperature and drying temperature, deeply aware of the temperature needs of different people.
  • Built in automatic deodorizer and smart night light keep the air fresh every day.

  • Recommend the most space saving wall mounted toilet

    The G10 wall mounted toilet in the HOROW smart toilet series is also worth recommending. The size of 23.3 inches depth x 15 inches width x 17 inches height can save at least 12 inches of space when hung on the wall. The tankless design makes the small bathroom look tidier, and personal cleaning can be completed without toilet paper.

    G10 wall mounted toilet

  • The nozzle with forward and backward movement provides three cleaning modes, which are children's cleaning, powerful cleaning and women's care cleaning.
  • The nano-antibacterial seats paired with even heated seats not only provide a clean experience but also provide relief from hemorrhoids.
  • Equipped with constant-temperature hot water and multi-level adjustable drying and water pressure to facilitate different usage scenarios.
  • Built in automatic deodorizer ensures fresh air.
  • In a word, the type of smart toilet recommended by plumbers pays more attention to stability, and the specific choice needs to be determined based on actual usage.

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