HOROW Frameless Sliding Shower Door 60 Inch Matte Black Shower Door Model BE6076-MB

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HOROW BE6076-MB shower door is a frameless sliding shower door with matte black. Features mostly solid stainless steel rollers for easy glide. 5/16-inch clear glass allows for a wider field of vision. Install water-blocking strips on both sides of the sliding glass to avoid splashing water.

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Black glass shower doors have always been popular among us, among which the HOROW BE6076-MB sliding shower door has been recognized by everyone. The door frame is designed in a matte black tone to match the white bathroom decoration style. Adjustable door frame range is 56-60 inches and walk-in width is 27-13/16 inches for use with different sizes. The double sliding door design supports reverse installation, and the unique inclined bottom rail design prevents water leakage.