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User Guide for Bidet Toilet Combo

User Guide for Bidet Toilet Combo

Welcome to the world of hygiene innovation! You are in the right place if you're new to the bidet toilet combo scene. In this user guide, we'll take you through the ins and outs of these high-tech bathroom marvels. From essential operation to advanced features, get ready to elevate your bathroom experience to a new level of cleanliness and comfort. Let's dive in!


Understanding the Combination of Bidet and Toilet

1) What is a bidet toilet combo?

A bidet toilet combination is a state-of-the-art bathroom fixture that combines the functions of a toilet and a bidet in one unit. It provides enhanced personal hygiene by offering a gentle and thorough cleansing on targeted area after using the toilet.

2) How does a bidet toilet combo differ from traditional ones?

Unlike traditional toilets, the all-in-one bidet toilets incorporate advanced bidet features that elevate the bathroom experience. Toilets with inbuilt bidets allow for a thorough and refreshing cleaning using water, eliminating the need for toilet paper. This promotes cleanliness and reduces the environmental impact of excessive paper waste.

3) What are the key functions of the bidet toilet combo?

All-in-one bidet toilets have various features and functionalities that enhance comfort, hygiene, and convenience. Some of the key features include:

  • Heated seatsthat provide warmth and comfort during use.
  • Adjustable water temperature and spray patternsto cater to users' preferred level of comfort.
  • Air driersthat allow convenient drying post-cleansing
  • Self-cleaning nozzleensures hygiene with minimal maintenance

These innovative bathroom fixtures are designed to provide a luxurious and personalized experience for users seeking cleanliness and comfort.


Key Considerations Before Buying Bidet Toilet Combo

Before purchasing a toilet with a built-in bidet, several essential factors must be considered.

1) Water Pressure

The first consideration is the water pressure and space required for installation. Measure water pressure with a gauge and check the water pressure range in the product specifications to see if your water supply can support the smooth operation of the intelligent bidet toilet.

2) Space Requirements

Then, measure the available area in your bathroom to match the length and width of the combo unit. Don't forget to leave room for clearance, which is critical for comfortable usage and easy maintenance.

3) Compatibility with Existing Plumbing

Compatibility is another factor you should not miss. Evaluate your existing plumbing system to assess the needs for modifications. Measure the distance from the wall behind the toilet to the center of the drainpipe. You should choose a toilet with the same or smaller rough-in distance.

4) Available Power Source

Most smart bidets nowadays require electricity for features like heating or air drying, ensuring a nearby power outlet, or considering hiring an electrician for installation.


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How to Install a Smart Bidet Toilet Combo?

Proper installation is essential for your one-piece bidet toilet's optimal functionality and durability. This is a thorough installation guide for you to follow:

  • Confirm your water supply meets the requirements of bidet toilet for optimal cleaning effect.
  • Turn off the water supply and disconnect the existing toilet.
  • Connect and align the new toilet ceramic body to existing plumbing system. 
  • Read the manufacturer's instructions for specific installation requirements.
  • Connect all the parts by the instructions and ensure they are secure.
  • Install the remote and battery box.
  • Reconnect the water supply and test for any leaks or malfunction.

These steps will help you install your combo efficiently and effectively. While some experienced individuals may choose to install a one piece bidet toilet themselves, referring to professional help when necessary is essential.

How to Use a Bidet Toilet Combo? 

Once you finish the installation, knowing how to use it properly is important. This section will provide basic usage instructions and tips on smart bidet toilets by discussing the HOROW smart bidet combo model T05 as an example.


1) Nozzle Position and Water Temperature

The intuitive control panel help adjusts the nozzle position and water temperature in the HOROW T05 smart bidet model. Find the "nozzle position" button and press it to adjust the nozzle to your desired position within the five levels. There is also a “water temp” button for you to customize water temperature.

2) Spray Patterns and Strength

The T05 model offers a variety of spray modes and strengths for individual preferences. There are "feminine wash," "posterior wash," and "H/C message" options in the remote control and in the knob attached on the side of the bowl. Whether you prefer a gentle mist or a robust spray, the T05 has got you covered with its "water pressure" button.

3) Dryer Temperature

After cleansing with the bidet, you can use the built-in dryer to achieve a completely hands-free experience. Adjust the dryer temperature on the remote control. You can choose from 4 levels of temperature and 3 levels of wind speed.

4) Heated Seat

Experience added comfort with the T05's heated seat feature. Instant heat while you sit down, affording you a warm seating surface, especially during colder seasons. It includes a thermal fuse to ensure a safe heating experience.

5) Auto-Deodorizer

With the T05 smart bidet toilet, there's no need to worry about unpleasant odors. The auto-deodorizer function eliminates unwanted smells, ensuring a fresh and odor-free bathroom environment all the time.

How to Maintain and Clean Smart Bidet Toilet?

The maintenance of smart bidets' exteriors and bowls is much like that of other traditional toilets. Here, we mainly focus on the nozzle as it plays a special role in bidet toilet combos. Though detailed procedures may vary, the principle is the same as follow.

  • Before cleaning the nozzle, make sure the toilet seat is unoccupied.
  • Press the button on the remote control for the nozzle to extend out.
  • Cut off the power supply to ensure safety.
  • Adopt a mild cleaning solution and a soft brush to clean the nozzle thoroughly.
  • Rinse the nozzle with clean water and wipe it dry.
  • Press the button to let the nozzle retract back into the housing. 

Following these maintenance procedures ensures that your smart bidet toilet remains clean and functional and provides a pleasant experience every time you use it.


The HOROW smart bidet toilet combo model T05 offers customizable features for a luxurious bathroom experience. Adjust nozzle position, water temperature, and spray patterns for personal comfort. Enjoy a heated seat, hands-free drying, and auto-deodorizer for added convenience and hygiene.

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