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HOROW Toilet buying guide

Whether it is an one piece toilet or a smart toilet, it plays a vital role in ensuring the daily ease and comfort of our families. This guide analyzes the comfort and convenience that HOROW T0338W, HOROW HMWT-8733-10 and HOROW HR-T05 toilets bring to our daily lives based on the water-saving performance of American standard toilets, MISO testing, and ADA certification. For more bathroom products, it is very suitable to solve them through HOROW's one-stop solution.

When you embark on a bathroom renovation, investing in a high-quality toilet is a wise decision. It's an investment that adds substantial value to your home improvement project. Choosing the best toilet brands for your bathroom is a decision that involves more than just considering aesthetics. Factors such as type, model, design, flushing mechanism, and even the trapway can significantly impact your comfort and the overall functionality of your bathroom. Here's an extensively revised toilets buying guide to help you make an informed decision.

Best Way to Measure Toilet to Wall


Whether using your toilet for a home renovation or a construction project, it is important to measure the distance between the floor drain and the wall. Determine the roughness of the bathroom by measuring the distance from the wall behind the toilet to the middle of the bolts on the bottom of the toilet. Based on existing US laws, 10-12 inches (250 or 350mm) is suitable for most use environments.


Warm Tips: If the measurements do not meet the standard size, it is better to choose a larger toilet than a smaller one.


The Types of One Piece Dual Flush Toilets

Toilets come in various models, each with its unique characteristics. In the US market, two primary models dominate the scene.

Best Budget Toilets: These are the basic models that come in either one piece or two piece designs. In the US, two-piece toilets are more commonly found due to their cost-effectiveness and widespread availability. They come with a separate tank and bowl, offering a traditional look that fits well with many American bathroom styles.

The Advangtages of HOROW T0338W One Piece Toilet


  • Elongated One piece Dual Flash of 0.8-1.28GPF.

  • Compact toilets for small bathrooms, comfort chair seat ADA height 17.3".

  • Black and white toilet with soft close and quick release seat, FFC ceramic with glazing.

  • 10 or 12 inches are optional, FBA ships to all American.

    The Advangtages of HOROW HWMT-8733-10 One Piece Toilet


  • Compact design (25*13.4*28.4inch) provides the best solution for apartment, bathroom or house decoration projects.

  • The 16.5-inch comfortable seat provides a heart-warming design for people with disabilities.

  • 1.1-1.6GPF dual flush design not only ensures flushing cleanliness but also saves water.

  • The slow-closing PP seat allows family members to enjoy a low-decibel environment.

    Shop The Best Smart Toilets for Our Bathroom

    Creating a sense of luxury and innovation in your bathroom is not as difficult as we think. After 59 years of development, the smart toilet not only has a sense of technology, but its practicality has also undergone earth-shaking changes compared to before. These high-tech options incorporate advanced features like automatic lid operation, integrated bidets, heated seats, adjustable water temperature settings, and more. While combining comfort and convenience, it can also enhance the bathroom experience and be more in line with our definition of smart life.

    The toilet and bidet combination is one of the most common types of modern smart toilets. HOROW HR-T05 and HOROW HR-T20Y smart toilets are currently the most popular toilets. These toilets are designed based on simple style and the comfort of personal cleaning. They can not only relieve the fatigue of the day, but also reduce unnecessary movement of disabled people.

    In-depth Analysis of HR-T05 Bidet Combo Toilet


  • The toilet uses FFC refractory mud and polishing technology, which is durable and reduces the risk of clogging.

  • High-flush toilet and bidet combinations offer extended heated seats.

  • The warm water washing and 4-speed warm drying function are not only environmentally friendly, but also reduce the growth of bacteria.

  • The automatic opening and closing lid and flush function can relieve the fatigue of the day.

  • Smart night lights and contactless controls provide great convenience for people with disabilities.
  • best smart toilets for bathroom

    Best Cost-effective Smart Toilet - HOROW HR T20Y


  • The PP toilet seat has automatic lid opening and closing functions, which can reduce frequent bending movements.

  • Heated toilet seats make us no longer afraid of the cold.

  • The water temperature, water pressure and nozzle position of the bidet can be adjusted at will, making personal cleaning more convenient.

  • The intelligent dual-fill water bucket can automatically perform a flushing volume of 1.2GPF, which can meet our daily needs in terms of water saving and cleanliness.

    Bathroom Space Saver - Your HOROW G10 Wall Hung Bidet Toilet


  • The size of the toilet is 23.3" (D) * 15 " (W) * 17 " (H). The wall mounted design without tank can save about 12 inches of space compared to the floor-standing toilet.

  • Instant heating seat and multi-level adjustable water temperature, water pressure and nozzle position adjustment to meet the needs of different groups of people.

  • The seat material is made of hygienic nano-antibacterial material and has a multi-level adjustable drying function, allowing us to enjoy the warmth and health like a bath.

  • Intelligent night light and automatic deodorization function improve the practicality of using the toilet.

    HOROW G10 Wall Hung Bidet Toilet

    Different Toilet Colors to Match Different Decoration Styles

    Although white is the most accepted color, not all white toilets can match all decoration styles. In my opinion, dark bathroom styles are more suitable for black toilets.

    HOROW’s Best Selling White Toilet

    HOROW T05 White 1.28GPF Dual Flush Bidet Toilet Combo With Elongated Heated Seat


    HORW G10 White Compact Wall Hung Bidet Toilet Tankless


    HOROW G10 wall mounted toilet

    HOROW T0338W White 12 inch Rough in One Piece toilet ADA Height 17.3 Inch


    HOROW T0338W one piece toilet

    HOROW’s Black Toilet with Rave Reviews

    HOROW T0338B Black 1.28 GPF Dual Flash Elongated One Piece Toilet


    horow t0338b black one piece toilet

    HOROW T0280B Black Siphon Silent Flush 1000MAP Floor Mount One Piece Toilet


    horow t020b black toilet