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Don’t Miss Out: HOROW Toilet on Sale for Memorial Day

Don’t Miss Out: HOROW Toilet on Sale for Memorial Day

The first Memorial Day was held in 1868, on May 30. Today, we continue with this tradition, setting out a day to honor those people who have lost their lives. We’re close to Memorial Day in 2024. While honoring those lives, this day also comes with sales that can help you save on your purchases. It’s the perfect opportunity to do some renovations and get those new wares that you’ve been looking at for some time. HOROW will be offering discounts on a selection of top-quality HOROW toilets this Memorial Day, so let’s take a look at what you can expect.

Overview of HOROW’s Memorial Day Sales in 2024

Memorial Day is coming, which means you can look forward to a lot of specials. HOROW will be giving you a chance to get their items at a discounted rate. The promotion will run from May 17 to 27, 2024, as this is the last Monday in May for the year. The sale mainly focuses on toilets, which means you get a chance to finally grab a HOROW Smart Toilet if that’s something you’ve been looking at. HOROW has also revealed that they will be offering discounts of 20% on certain HOROW toilets, which can save you a lot in the process.

HOROW Toilets: Celebrate Memorial Day with a 20% Discount

HOROW has already revealed how customers can take advantage of the Memorial Day discount that they will be offering this year. If you buy a toilet from HOROW, use the code HONOR24 to get a 20% discount. By employing the discount code, you can enjoy substantial savings on a HOROW smart toilet. Let’s take a closer look at two particularly popular models from the HOROW brand.

1. T05 Model

If comfort and hygiene are your top priorities, then be sure to check out the T05 HOROW toilet. It’s a best-selling choice from HOROW. There’s a bidet in the toilet that adds to the hygiene it offers. It’s a one-piece toilet. This makes installation so much easier. A lot of people will also agree that it looks better when you compare it to a two-piece system. The elongated structure of the HOROW toilet further adds to the benefits that it has to offer. This provides a larger space on top to accommodate different body types.

Apart from these functions, let’s take a look at other benefits and features that the HOROW T05 toilet has to offer:

  • The seat has a heating element that instantly heats up. You can easily change the temperature - that’s something that will help you find an option that’s perfect for your comfort.
  • The bidet has a 4-level adjustable temperature system that controls the warmth of water sprayed.
  • There is a built-in drying function in the HOROW toilet. You can choose between four different levels of drying, depending on your preferences and requirements.
  • This one-piece toilet with a bidet has a 4-way flushing system for easy, convenient operation: automatic, foot pedal, remote control, and manual.
  • The toilet features an integrated nightlight that improves visibility, which is particularly beneficial for the elderly during nocturnal use.

2. ADA Toilet

The ADA range of toilets from HOROW offers convenience, a one-piece design, and easy installation. These are also great for people who want a luxurious toilet on a budget.

Among the various available models, the HOROW T0338W is a particularly popular option in the ADA range. It’s a one-piece structure that has a total height of 17.3 inches. If you want to clean the toilet, no problem. It’s got a smooth outer surface. This means you can simply wipe it off with a damp cloth. Now, apart from these, there’s another important feature.  If you’re someone who likes to “go green,” then the ADA is perfect. It comes with water-saving technology! Let’s look at some key features:

  • This HOROW toilet boasts a powerful dual flush system, offering two options (0.8/1.28 GPF) and achieving a top-notch MAP score of 1000 grams, ensuring optimal flushing efficiency.
  • Designed to comply with ADA standards, the toilet is crafted at a comfortable height for easy sitting and standing.
  • Its surface is glazed and equipped with self-cleaning capabilities, guaranteeing a clean bowl for an extended period.


HOROW is a kitchen and bathroom specialist that focuses on creating products with a luxurious style, while also providing comfort at the same time. We focus on being creative and using the latest trends to create innovative products for both the bathroom and kitchen. The selection of products that HOROW offers includes toilets, sinks, faucets, mirrors,  and more.  Don't forget to take advantage of the HOROW toilets on the Memorial Day sale, running from May 17 to 27 this year. Experience luxury and functionality seamlessly integrated into HOROW products.


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