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Upgrade Your Bathroom: The HOROW Toilets for Every Budget

Upgrade Your Bathroom: The HOROW Toilets for Every Budget

Upgrading your bathroom with a new toilet can significantly enhance its functionality and aesthetics. HOROW offers a range of toilets to suit various budgets without compromising on quality. Here are some HOROW toilets categorized by budget to help you find the right fit for your bathroom upgrade:


Budget-Friendly Options:


HOROW HWMT-8733: This model offers a balance of affordability and quality. It features a compact design, efficient flushing system, and durable construction, making it a practical choice for budget-conscious homeowners.



Mid-Range Options:


HOROW HWMT-8733S: The round standard height toilet is a popular mid-range option. It provides a comfortable seating experience, efficient water usage with its dual-flush mechanism, and a sleek design that complements most bathroom styles.


HOROW HWMT-8733-10: If you prefer an elongated bowl for added comfort, this model is an excellent mid-range choice. It offers a comfortable seating height, efficient dual-flush system, 10 inch rough in and a modern aesthetic to upgrade your bathroom.

HOROW HWMT-8733-10


High-End Options:


HOROW T05: For a luxurious bathroom upgrade, consider the smart toilet with bidet function. While it falls into the higher price range, it comes with advanced features such as heated seats, customizable cleansing options, and a sleek, modern design that elevates the bathroom's overall ambiance.

horow t05


Space-Saving Options:


HOROW G10: If space is a concern in your bathroom, the corner toilet is a space-saving solution. It fits neatly into corners, optimizing floor space without compromising on performance or style.



When choosing a HOROW toilet based on your budget, consider factors such as the toilet's size, features, water efficiency, and design aesthetics. Even within each budget category, HOROW offers options that cater to different preferences and needs, ensuring that you can find a toilet that meets your requirements while staying within your budget constraints.

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