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Toilet For Elderly: A Buyer’s Guide to Ensuring Height and Safety

Toilet For Elderly: A Buyer’s Guide to Ensuring Height and Safety

You are already aware of the difficulties an older adult in your care faces. They'll experience difficulties in a variety of spheres of their lives, including using the restroom. An appropriate toilet for the elderly can have a significant impact. What constitutes an appropriate toilet for an older person is the question.



Ideal Toilet Height for the Elderly

There are a couple of things you should consider if you buy a toilet for the elderly. One crucial element is the height of the toilet. The ADA recommends the toilet height for seniors be 17 to 19 inches[1].

Older people have trouble bending down. When the toilet is too low, it can put more pressure on their joints. This height recommendation has been found to offer the most comfort for seniors.


Safe Toileting Tips for the Elderly

Except for height, here are other factors that could make toileting safer for the elderly:

  • Clear Space around the Toilet: Make sure there's nothing that can cause them to trip or fall close to the toilet. An open space around the toilet for the elderly is best. It's going to take away risks. This one is going to be helpful for the whole family.
  • Adequate Lighting: Make sure there are lights that can be accessed easily. You could opt for lights with motion-sensing tech. This allows them to turn on when someone enters the bathroom. Set them to use the motion sensor at night. It's going to improve visibility for the senior.
  • Raised Toilet Seat:A higher toilet seat is also important. It makes sitting and getting back up easier. There’s less strain on the joints.
  • Support Near Toilet:Add a support to the wall. Make sure you install it close to the toilet. This is another way to provide extra comfort for the older person. They can then place their hand on the support when they want to get up from the toilet.

These are all excellent starting points. From here, make sure the senior also knows how they can best use the toilet for the elderly.


Which Toilet Type is the Best for Elderly’s Safety?

Easing the burden of using the toilet for seniors is important. There are lots of toilets that may help, but those with smart functions are best. Here’s why:



Some of the main reasons why smart toilets are great for older individuals:

  • Many models have nightlights. That's going to improve vision at night.
  • Auto opening and closing of lids means no more bending down for this (once) manual task.
  • The toilet will flush automatically when you get up (in an auto-flush toilet).
  • Seats are heated. This makes them comfier in winter.
  • Bidets and dryers add to the level of hygiene you can expect from the toilet.


Smart Toilets for the Elderly

Above all, smart toilets have many advantages for the elderly in order to reduce the risks of injury. For choosing the best smart toilet among thousands of models, our HOROW's smart toilets, like T05 and T20YA, can deliver the best toileting experiences for the elderly. Here's how:

  1. T05
  • Integrated smart bidet without additional installation
  • Adjustable water temperature, flowing position and washing modes to deliver a gentle cleansing experience for the elderly
  • Elderly-care flushing mode, including automatic, foot touching, and remote-control flushing, to lower the pressure on the joints
  • Night light awakening to create a safe toileting experience at night



  1. T20YA
  • ADA sitting height for caring priority groups
  • Auto Open/Close Lid to add convenience and reduce the need for physical exertion for elderly people
  • A heated toilet seat offers comfort and warmth in cold seasons
  • The embedded dryers for maintaining skin health and independence in elderly users.



For the elderly, toileting could be one of the challenges in their life. How to make them have a comfortable and convenient toileting experience is more and more significant. For us, HOROW focuses on the quality and functionality of the toilets for the elderly, dedicating to the best smart toilets for the elderly, like T05 and T20YA. Except for elderly-friendly toilets, we are also providing other stylish types of toilets with a bidet and headset and the toilet with a general option. If you are interested, please visit our HOROW’s websites to learn more information!



  • Available at: https://www.access-board.gov/files/ada/guides/toilet-rooms.pdf

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