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A Deep Analysis of Different Types of Toilets for Your Home

A Deep Analysis of Different Types of Toilets for Your Home

You spend about 15 minutes a day on the toilet. It counts up over a lifetime. So, it makes sense to want comfort when you sit down on the toilet. This article explores different types of toilets. You’ll discover more about one and two-piece structures. We’ll cover smart toilets and consider how wall-mounted options save space.



Different Types of Toilets

Not every toilet is the same. However, this is something we usually overlook. It’s something that serves a basic purpose. You should still understand the differences between various toilet models.


1. One-Piece Toilet

A one-piece toilet connects the bowl and tank. That basically creates a more compact structure. One-piece toilets are for saving space. They even offer better hygiene. Bacteria are also less likely to grow on this type of toilet.


2. Two-Piece Toilet

A two-piece toilet is what you can consider tradition. It’s a regular toilet with a bowl and tank. The two are separate and attached to each other. They’re highly customizable. However, they also tend to take up more space.


3. Wall-Mounted Toilet

A wall-mounted toilet takes up less floor space. You’ll be installing it directly against the wall. They’re quite convenient but tend to be smaller than the other options. Wall-mounted toilets require a bit more work than floor-mounted toilets in installation. You'll need to install a hidden tank within the wall and connect it to the toilet's flushing mechanism. However, wall-mounted toilets are easy to use and maintain.


4. Smart Toilet

A smart toilet can have several types of designs. However, they’re often a one-piece structure. These toilets are great for smart home setups. They usually come with advanced features, like remote controls, adjustable drying, and water temperature, that allow you to adjust settings. Convenience is a key factor with smart toilets. You’ll notice that many of these toilets also come with heated seats that help to keep you warm when it gets cold.


Which Toilet is the Best?

Not sure which toilet is best? As different types of toilets are on the market, your personal needs and preferences are important. You should consider the aesthetics that you’re going for. This is going to help you understand what kind of design to look for. Consider the space you have to work with. Maybe you prefer something specific. For example, an elongated toilet may take up a bit more space but can definitely add a level of comfort. Then there’s your budget. Look for a toilet that has the right fit for how much you can spend.


HOROW Offers Different Types of Toilets

Picking the right toilet can be tough. You have to consider many things. Start with the brand. A good brand can give you access to better quality, and that’s exactly where HOROW comes into the picture. We offer a wide range of toilets. These fit your needs perfectly. Some toilets cover basic needs. Then there are also toilets with advanced, modern features.


1. G10 Model

If you’re a fan of wall-mounted toilets, then the HOROW G10 is definitely an option to consider. It features a variety of luxury features. It’s essentially a smart toilet, so it’s completely different from your regular toilet. There’s a full remote system that allows you to make changes to the toilet itself. There’s a bidet, and the lid actually opens and closes without using your hands. That means this toilet takes hygiene seriously.



2. T05 Model

The T05 model gives you similar benefits as the G10, but it’s a floor-mounted, one-piece design. You get an adjustable heated seat. The control that comes with the toilet makes it easy to change the settings. With the T05 toilet, there’s also instant heating of the seat. You won’t have to worry about cold seats when winter arrives anymore.




Buying a toilet isn’t a simple process anymore. HOROW focuses on providing different types of toilets from which to choose. Apart from toilets, the brand also offers faucets, sinks, shower wares, and so much more. HOROW has modern designs that add to the aesthetics of your bathroom and kitchen.

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